PEAK Recovery Groups

A painful, mysterious, and isolating condition is flooded with light by PEAK. Now I can see a path.

Interested in learning more about joining a PEAK Recovery Group? Let us know!

Interested in starting/leading a PEAK Recovery Group? Let us know!

Information about PEAK Groups

PEAK Recovery Groups are an important element of our mission focused on helping parents recover from the trauma of parental estrangement. They are not Twelve-Step groups, but they have a recovery focus:


  • PEAK Recovery Groups are self-led. There is no therapist or professional facilitator.
  • A member of a PEAK Recovery Group is designated as the group leader (with their agreement).
  • PEAK Recovery Groups have a carefully crafted meeting structure and format which minimizes the need for advance planning and preparation.
  • Group safety is one of our highest values for participants in PEAK Recovery Groups. Ground rules require acceptance of others, with no criticism, evaluation, or advice-giving, while maintaining anonymity and confidentiality.
  • PEAK Recovery Groups are focused on helping each member take responsibility for what is within their control, and releasing what is not.
  • PEAK Recovery Groups acknowledge that a Spiritual Source is integral to the recovery process, without adherence any particular doctrine or institutional structure.

Other information about PEAK Recovery Groups

  • PEAK Recovery Groups meet for 60 to 90 minutes depending on the size and make-up of the group.
  • PEAK Recovery Groups meet weekly, in ten-week sessions.
  • PEAK Recovery Groups use the book PEAK: A Resource for Recovery as their roadmap for the recovery process.
  • We ask for a registration fee to join a PEAK Recovery Group to cover administrative costs, including the ZOOM account used for meetings.

Our PEAK Leaders

Barbara Foster, PhD

Barbara Foster has an impressive educational background, including a PhD in Measurement, Evaluation, and Research Design.  She has focused her gifts on a number of issues including strength-based community capacity building, as well as advocacy and support for children and persons with aging, health, and disability Issues. Barbara has worked extensively with groups of every size and description. But more important than her education and work history is the fact that she is a recovering estranged parent. She engages other estranged parents with wisdom, insight, and compassion. Any group she leads becomes an experience of growth and healing.

Peter Gollup
Karen-Eve Bayne

As a facilitator, Karen-Eve brings a lifetime of rich experience and compassion, combined with creativity to a wide variety of workshops and programs. She thoughtfully draws from her wide professional, educational, and  cultural experiences as well as recent news and research. She holds certifications in both life coaching and counseling, with degrees in sociology and theology. Her business career and mid- life career transitions enable her to understand the pressures of working and home life—compounded by estrangement.

Peter Gollup, first encountered PEAK as a participant who was so moved by the effectiveness of the program that he became a group facilitator. With humor and compassion, he provides guidance and safety for participants along the path to healing. Peter’s education, successful business career, and his training as an artist and woodworker enrich his empathy and understanding with others on this path. He is passionate about helping others find their peace with the pain of estrangement.


Karen Wolfrom

As an Aging Life Care™ Consultant/geriatric care manager, Karen Wolfrom has worked with many families struggling with parental estrangement. After studying Fe’s book, Karen committed to a PEAK support group experience and found it extremely beneficial both personally and professionally. Karen’s diverse nursing, business, and volunteer experience enables her to be a compassionate, dedicated facilitator, who is interested in helping others find mind, body, and spirit wellness through satisfying relationships.    

Keli Rugenstein PhD

Keli has worked in the mental health field for almost 30 years, and specializes in helping estranged parents. She works with individuals, families, and groups as a psychotherapist and marriage and family therapist. The psychotherapy she provides is integrated with the faith beliefs or spirituality perspectives of those who choose to have these included in their counseling. Keli works from an integrated perspective of Family Systems Theory and psychodynamics.