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…the book is superb. It is a straightforward guide to understanding estrangement AND improving life despite it. I highly recommend this book to anyone with any estrangements.



A 140-page resource for estranged parents seeking healing.
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A 70-day devotional with readings from Scripture, reflections, and daily prayers specifically focused on parental estrangement.
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Buy both resources together.
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Absalom’s Wounds provides a resource for leaders who want to offer hope and healing for those struggling with this painful issue. Whether you are a pastor, a senior adult leader, a friend of an estranged parent, or living in a cut-off relationship yourself, you will find a Biblical perspective in the pages of this book that is relevant, insightful, and affirming.

Fe eloquently captures the nuanced and not-so-nuanced factors that become the wedge in the families whose stories are recorded for all generations to read.  Comfort and hope come from the stories that Fe opens up. 

Keli Rugenstein, PhD, LCSW-R, LMFT Director, Eastern Door Counseling Center

MAGI Press
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