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The Pain of Parental Estrangement

A Common Story

Estrangement from a family member is always difficult for everyone involved, but it is especially painful for parents when the relationship with one or more children has been severed. The trauma is as deep and debilitating as injuries from a car accident, but shame and embarrassment make it difficult to seek help. Yet, estrangement is common. It is estimated that nearly one out of every eight parents is estranged from an adult child. One in every five older adults is considered an “elder orphan” with no one to turn to in a time of need. If you are one of them, please don’t try to go it alone any longer.

Resources - Books

The book that has helped hundreds of parents recover from the trauma of parental estrangement.  A 360-page resource that is compassionate, honest, and hopeful.

Whether you are a pastor, a senior adult leader, a friend of an estranged parent, or living in a cut-off relationship yourself, you will find a Biblical perspective in the pages of this book that is relevant, insightful, and affirming.

This book shares the common experiences among Parents of Estranged Adult Kids (PEAK™), the stages of estrangement, the impact it has on your health and well being, and many other elements of estrangement. It also outlines a journey that promotes healing for your spirit, your body, and your mind.

A 100-day devotional with readings from Scripture, reflections, and daily prayers specifically focused on parental estrangement.

A 225-day resource of “spiritual but not religious” daily reflections written to help estranged parents on the road to recovery.

Buy both resources together.

Buy both resources together.

A book of daily devotions specifically written to help estranged parents through the holiday season. The readings cover the days of Advent through the twelve days of Christmas. 

While the print version is now sold out, a Google Doc version is now available for $5.00 by clicking here.

In his Lenten journey, Jesus also experienced the challenges of going through a major life transition, much as estranged parents must face the changes brought about by the loss of relationship with their adult children.

Both parents and their adult children have rights that enable them to function in healthy ways. The “Estranged Parents Bill of Rights” helps parents reclaim their own dignity but in a no-fault approach. 

Training and Events

PEAK provided me an outlet for venting my feelings of separation from my estranged daughter and became a vehicle for transporting me to a new reality where I was able to better take control of my future. The PEAK readings were particularly helpful and the group sharing allowed me the freedom to alleviate much of the pain that I was living with. Thank you for my new outlook.
PEAK member

A Father's Dream

“And so I live,
knowing you are there,
somewhere in the world,
a natural wonder,
but no path to find you again.
Even then, the broken is sharp,
and the gentlest touch still cuts.
I dream of a day
when the edges of the glass
are worn down by the waves of time
and the sand of suffering,
that I might find you once more,
and we might sit beside one another,
just two shades of green
watching the setting sun.”

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